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Comando fdisk

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fdisk [options] <disk> change partition table
fdisk [options] -l [<disk>] list partition table(s)

-b, –sector-size <size> physical and logical sector size
-c, –compatibility[=<mode>] mode is ‘dos’ or ‘nondos’ (default)
-L, –color[=<when>] colorize output (auto, always or never)
-l, –list display partitions end exit
-t, –type <type> recognize specified partition table type only
-u, –units[=<unit>] display units: ‘cylinders’ or ‘sectors’ (default)
-s, –getsz display device size in 512-byte sectors [DEPRECATED]

-C, –cylinders <number> specify the number of cylinders
-H, –heads <number> specify the number of heads
-S, –sectors <number> specify the number of sectors per track

-h, –help display this help and exit
-V, –version output version information and exit

For more details see fdisk(8).